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Princeton Place Productions, LLC is a company that produces and markets a series of DVDs entitled "Faces & Places". “Faces & Places” is a fun, entertaining and challenging trip down memory lane whereby the viewer tries to recall the names of famous people, or places, that are shown on the screen. The main purpose is to exercise the brain in an enjoyable way. It is designed for senior citizens in that the images used are from days gone by. The engaging images are fun to watch and have the added benefit of bringing people closer together. Viewers have shown a tendency to open up and become more sociable by sharing stories with family and friends about the images they see on screen.

We started working on the series when we read that the American Medical Association said, “mental exercises that draw on memory have been shown to reverse some of the signs of aging in the brain.” This started us on a course to develop a series that would be fun and challenging. Then came an article that reinforced our desired intent. We had been working on the series for quite some time when we read a report published in the journal Neurology in 2009. It's a game changer. It stated, "according to the researchers at the Cleveland Clinic, which is the #1 hospital in heart and the #4 hospital overall in the U.S. per U.S. News and World Report, they may have found a way to identify those most at risk of developing Alzheimer’s long before symptoms develop - simply by asking them whether they recognize celebrities".

Detecting the earliest signs of memory loss and dementia has always been a major goal of researchers. The earlier patients are diagnosed, the sooner they can make lifestyle changes that may help slow the progression of Alzheimer’s. Our product addresses the needs of senior’s mental health and assists those that are responsible for their care. Now you can actually observe the difficulty, or lack thereof, of a person as they try and recognize a famous person or place. This product will help alert caregivers as to whom may need further observation and, quite possibly, change the way they do business.

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