Faces and Places


“We have a lockdown section at our facility for low functioning adults. It can be somewhat challenging to capture their attention with activities. We showed your Faces & Places DVD and were astounded at how well they worked. The residents discussed the images on screen and had a wonderful time.”.

— Shelly Myers, Activity Director, Century Pines Assisted Living

“We have showed your Faces & Places DVD to our residents and they just love it. We were especially pleased with how well your DVDs worked with our residents with macular degeneration. We dimmed the lights and they could see the images clearly. Your product, in a word, is awesome.”.

— Deborah Emens, Quality of Life Director, Signature Healthcare of Memphis

“My residents really enjoy playing this visual trivia. It brings great discussions and memories. I would recommend this.”.

— Debi Johnson, Activity Director, Fairfield Village

“We have shown your Faces & Places DVDs to our residents many times. It brightens their moods and puts smiles on their faces. An unforeseen benefit is that it is a great conversation starter. It has drawn our community closer together. We will be ordering more”.

— Dan Taylor, Evergreen Retirement Community

“I would like to compliment you on your Faces & Places series. We have found that these DVDs stimulate the mind in a very positive way. We have thoroughly enjoyed them not only for their entertainment value but also their therapeutic value.”

— Dr. Henry Mitchell, Hampton Estates

“Our residents, and their guests, have remarked on how much they look forward to our showing the Faces & Places DVDs. We schedule them in advance and encourage our residents to have their family and friends come join us. The turnout is great and a good time is had by all.”

— Michelle Moore, Activities Director, Royal Gardens Retirement Center

“Mental health is a very high priority at our facility. That being said, we have a variety of mental exercises and games for our residents. Your series, Faces & Places, is by far the most widely attended DVD that we show. Please put us on your mailing list.”

— Barb Anderson , Riverview Care Center

“It's always fun to reminisce about the good old days. But to do it as a game is most enjoyable. Whenever we get a new DVD from your series, there is a buzz about the place and you can almost feel the excitement. Keep up the good work.”

— Mike Jacobs, Waterford Senior Living

“I would be remiss if I did not write and tell you how much the residents of our facilities enjoy your Faces & Places DVD series. I'm constantly being asked when I expect a new release. Just thought you'd like to know.”

— Kathy Kelley, Life Care Communities

Amazon Reviews

“My husband saw this used at another nursing home facility and thought I should try it where I work. It was a great hit. The residents loved seeing the “old” pictures and could identify most of the places and faces. I want to get more of them because it was so easy to use and great for a memory exercise.”

***** Verified Purchase

“We purchased Faces & Places for our Senior Adult Day Care Center. It is an excellent visual aid for our Alzheimer’s participants. We use the Interactive DVDs over and over again. It has become a part of our activities calendar. Looking forward to more titles from this author.”

***** Verified Purchase

“This is an easy to use game – great for individuals or groups…a real memory jogger that starts some fun conversations! Very professional and can be played in different ways depending on who is playing it. I recommend this product---and at this price, it is a real bargain!!”

***** Verified Purchase

“Liked it a lot. Arrived promptly. Nicely packaged.”

***** Verified Purchase

faces and places
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