Faces and Places
Faces and Places DVD Memory Game for Seniors
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The DVD series will ask you to recall of the names of famous people and popular landmarks located throughout the world.

The "Faces & Places" series of DVD Trivia Games are designed with the senior citizen in mind. The objective is for the viewer to try and name the image on screen. The images used are either from days gone by or popular landmarks that have been in existence for hundreds of years. The DVDs can either be viewed for entertainment and challenge or can be played as a game.

How Brain Game Series Works:

This wonderful series exercises the brain while at the same time entertains the viewer. The American Medical Association has stated that "mental exercises that draw on memory have been shown to reverse some of the signs of aging in the brain."

These DVDs have THREE viewing options; 1) they can be watched with the viewer trying to name the image on screen before the name appears, 2) they can be played as a game by writing the number of the image on screen next to the correct name on the Level 2 GAME CARD, or 3) they can be played as a game by writing the name of the image next to the matching number on the Level 3 GAME CARD.

faces and places
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